Air Jordan 1"Chicago"

October 29, 2022

Project Title

Project Title - Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Countdown Timer

Project Date - June 2022

Project Owner - Christian Noa

About the Project

The vision was to create something related to my interest, sneakers. It required a combination of my skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to my deep and comprehensive understanding of design, I knew the communication processes involved.

My approach to creating this visionary project required a proper layout and font structure. Flexing a bit of my math skills by subtracting the future date from the current date in JavaScript was a favorite part of this project.

Project Goals

Following the launch of my favorite sneakers later this year I wanted to:

Create a visual design that communicates.

Create a countdown timer.

This marketing scheme helps intending clients of a business to take immediate action on a website.